Writing and Life

My PlanEvery new year since I started writing, I sit down and think about what I want to accomplish in my writing life. This year I want to complete the novel I have worked on since 2010. I have written 1 full book, 1 middle grade book and several picture books in the meantime. But the book that set me on my journey as a women’s fiction writer still sits in draft form in Scrivener.

This is the year I finish.

I almost gave up on it, but as I was painting one day to relax, it came to me. How to finish it. How to get from Once upon a time to the end and I recommitted. This is the year I finish.

Of course, life gets in the way. Dogs get sick, kids have activities, family needs help and the dreary northeast Ohio weather compels me to bury under afghans with hot chocolate and a book. January was sort of a wash.


Then came February.

I belong to an online writing group called Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association (WFWA) This group means the world to me. I receive accountability in writing, excellent critique feedback, timely articles on craft, and friendship. This month about 80 members are setting writing goals, whether starting a new book, outlining an idea, revising, editing, or sending out query letters. We call it WOW (Working our Works-In-Progress) We state our goal for the month and cheer each other for our successes and commiserate on challenges that keep us from making progress. I am lucky enough to be a co-coordinator for the event. Not only do I love posting encouraging pictures and quotes and questions, but in the process of writing these Facebook posts I myself am pushed to move forward.

And forward progress I have made.

introvert fort

Writing Doesn’t Have to be A Lonely Process

You often hear the anecdote that writing is a lonely process, but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, us writers are often alone in a room or coffee shop putting our thoughts, feelings and questions on the page, but it isn’t a lonely pursuit. We need people to bounce ideas off of, or ask questions when we are stuck or just complain when the only word we can use that day is ‘THING.’friendship

If you are a women’s fiction writer, I encourage you to check out the WFWA website and consider joining. You will find a supportive community with workshops and critique groups and writing retreats. If you write in a different genre find the go to group. Romance Writers have RWA with local chapters. Or start your own local group!

2018 is the year I write

The End

And I couldn’t do it without the help of my writing tribe.



What helps you meet goals at work and in life?



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  1. This is really great. I feel the exact same way about 2018, and so far so good. I feel like I need a group like WFWA. But sadly I am no woman. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for something else.

    Best of luck with accomplishing your goals in 2018, Jes.


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