Happily Ever Afters Needed

Confession. For a long time I didn’t add the romance books I read to my Goodreads account. After all I’m a librarian, shouldn’t I be reading only the classics like Austen, Bronte, and Dickens? If I read a romance book, it was at home or on my kindle where no one could judge the book I read by its cover.

The older I got, I stopped caring so much about what people thought about my reading life. Authors like Victoria Holt and her historical romances fostered a love for reading that hasn’t extinguished. Like any other genre, there are good books and bad, and on this blog I will help you cut through the fluff, so you can, well, read the good stuff.

Reading is all about escape. Life is crazy real enough, our books don’t have to be. The weirder life gets the more I need fuzzy warm feels. If I want to feel bad, I’ll just read the news.

If you like me, hid your romance novels behind the covers of your kindle, join me in educating the world in why HEA doesn’t equate to literary junk food.

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