Book Review Policy

With all the traditionally published and indie published books how will a reader find your book?

I am here to help.

I love to post author interviews, excerpts and of course I love to review. I am looking for diverse romances #ownvoices, I do not read erotica or anything that suggests violence towards men or women. I do read LGBTQIA books and want to help grow readership in these sub-genres.

If your work fits these guidelines please email to

I will write honest reviews about the books I read and will post my reviews on Netgalley, Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook as well. I do a mixture of single book reviews and lists as well as participate in blog tours.

I accept ePUB, PDF’s, physical copies. My preference is to have a format that I can read on Kindle.

If you think your book is a fit contact me today!

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