Cliche, definitely, but this writer is a bit of an introvert and when I say a bit, I mean I am a under-the-blankets-during-a-party introvert. Thanksgiving can be challenging for those of us who like quiet, so here is my guide to surviving the holidays.



As a kid I never left home for the holidays without a book. Who am I kidding? I still don’t leave home without a book. Whenever I need to take a break from small talk, I pull out a book and read.

piles of books

Okay, so challenging if you are traveling, but this librarian can organize anything. Thank God for Pinterest! If I feel the need to escape, I will dig into my phone and develop a taxonomy for my pinterest boards.

bebe waiting

This also works for moms of small kids. You can say, “Hey, let’s play hide and seek.” And then hide so good no one can find you. Or, another favorite is to hide and when your husband comes looking for your hours later and asks where you’ve been, you act like it took forever for him to find you…..because weren’t we all playing hide and seek?


dog walking

Dogs HAVE to go outside, don’t they? So what if the dog has had five walks since you walked in the door. If your dog is tired, go find someone else’s dog and act altruistic. Pop in some earbuds and listen to your fav bookish podcast and enjoy the alone time.

Seriously, though. Holidays, even with people we love can be hard for us who derive energy from a good book, a hot drink and tasty chocolate. Enjoy the time with friends and family but make sure you leave a little space for yourself.

After all, it is just the start of the long, small talk filled holiday season.


JesZSmith Happy Thanksgiving

Tell me how you cope with the holidays if you are an introverted soul.




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