Swoon-worthy Book Recommendations

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I love myself a good swoon.

Especially during the dark times of 2020, all I want is to curl up with a cold beer, a HEA book on my lap, and a sunset in the background. Thank God the publishing world provides.

What makes a good swoon?

All the feels

The romance doesn’t have to be super sexy. A well-timed kiss, placing a backstory hit at just the right place… Those are what build up all that emotion that keeps me turning pages until the very last one.

The heroes are really good people

The choices they make are because they are such darn good people and not because they are too stupid to realize how good they have it. Good people, making hard choices creates so much feeling in my I rip through the pages of the book to make sure this isn’t the first HEA that ends in heartbreak.

I know, it’s silly, it wouldn’t be a romance then, but a good author will make me doubt until the very last page as well as know with certainty it couldn’t have ended any other way.

A magical setting

No, I’m not talking about Hogwarts. A magical setting can be the middle of Paris as easily as the cornfields in Kansas. The magic comes from the story only being able to be told in that place, with those two people.

We have to see our heroes at their lowest

Do I want to see the couple in pain? NO, and yes. And a big fat no, again! Without that low we do not know how much the other person has changed their life for the better and it can’t be one-sided. Both our heroes have to go so low they could win a limbo contest.

If I don’t want to throw the book, the stakes aren’t high enough

Recently, I had the book I was reading in one hand, tears bubbling in my eyes, and I was screaming, THIS CAN’T BE HOW IT ENDS. The stupid thing is, I know that isn’t how it end, but if I don’t want to throw the book against the wall, the author has only made me feel warm and fuzzy and not swoon.

Swoon-worthy Books

The Happily Ever After Playlist by Abby Jiminez published by Forever April 2020

A woman who believes she lost her HEA the day her fiance died meets a man who will renew her faith in love. Is their love strong enough to withstand the rigors of fame?

This book has it all. A loveable heroine. A hero who is good to a fault and a love story that will leave you with a book hangover for days.

I give this 5 swoons

It even has a place list to go with it. If you are on Spotify check out this swoon worthy playlist

American Royals Book 1 and 2 by Katherine McPhee published by Random House Books for Young Readers September 2019 and September 2020

An alternate history where America is ruled by the descendants of George Washington and America is about to get its first Queen. Duty gets in the way of love and our hearts won’t ever be the same.

All I have to say is there better be a third book because I haven’t swooned enough. Beatrice desperately wants to love like a normal woman but her title won’t allow it. Her sister, always in the shadows in life, family and love. The brother manipulated by those who seek fame not love. The family friend who doesn’t fit into the royal family’s world, nor the everyday world. (I received a Netgalley of Majesty. I was not paid to promote or review)

This series has a chance to shoot to 5 swoons if we get that big royal wedding we dream of.

The Trouble with Hating You by Sajni Patel published by Hachette Book Group May 2020

Warning…book hangover imminent. This book was masterfully written. Perfect rom com with enough depth that I was in tears at the end. Jay and Liya need a movie NOW. And Preeti, I want to see her happy!!
A caption from my Goodreads review

Taming of the Shrew meets Jane Austin. This enemies to lover’s romance will have you swooning by the end of the first chapter. Good guys and awesome women make for the best stories.

RomeAntically Challenged by Marina Adair published by Kensington Books July 2020

Emmitt doesn’t believe he deserves a permanent address and Anh doesn’t feel like she fits in anywhere. According to her love life, she is only good at finding her boyfriends their one true loves.

The push and pull in this romance is sweet, occasionally spicy and a whole lot of yearning for these two people to heal themselves so they can accept the love in front of them.

I was sold on this book from the first page and I can’t wait to read more in the Rome world. (I received an ARC from Netgalley for a fair and honest review. I have not been paid to review or promote)

There you have it my favorite swoon worthy reads from the summer.

What books have made you swoon this summer? Keep the conversation going in the comments.

Don’t forget the August reading challenge! Post updates!


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