The Marriage Game by Sarah Desai

The Marriage GameThe Marriage Game by Sara Desai
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finding love in the most unusual way after giving up on finding Mr. Right.

Layla ended her last relationship in the most embarrassing way. She moves back home to the Bay area to put her career back together and find a husband the traditional way, through a marriage resume. Sam has given up his career and personal life in order to exact revenge on the man who ruined his sister’s life. One more deal is all it takes until he meets Layla.

The chemistry between the two is undeniable. Witty banter, heart to hearts, and each has lost faith in love. The romance hits hard and early which means the breakup and putting back together will take that much longer.

The only issues I had with the book is a few characters being over the top as to not even be believable. Royce as Sam’s business partner made me wonder if Sam was really a good guy if he would work with a jerk like Royce.

The best part of the book was the dates that Sam went on with Layla to meet her potential marriage partner. All in all, even with the problematic character of Royce, this was a fun read. My only warning is don’t read this book hungry. The mouth-watering descriptions of food had my stomach growling the entire time.

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