The Trouble With Hating You

The Trouble With Hating You by Sajni Patel published May 2020 from Forever Publishing

Warning: Book hangover imminent

Parts Taming of the Shrew with Hints of Pride and Prejudice, The Trouble with Hating You will have you laughing, cheering and shaking your fist throughout the book.

Liya Thakkar is at the top of her game in a Houston biomedical company. She has received a recent promotion and fights through assumptions and prejudice to get to where she is. She defies her parent’s wishes to settle down and find a nice Indian man to raise a family with.

Jay Shah practices law and is sent to a biomedical company to help save it from going under. He has agreed to a meeting with a woman his mother thinks will make him the perfect partner in life.

When Liya shows at her parents house for what she thinks is a family dinner and discovers it is nothing more than an arranged marriage heist, she runs out the door and straight into Jay.

Her parents are embarrassed at her actions and Jay can’t figure out how he chased this woman away before they even had a chance to say hello.

Work brings them together again and again and Liya and Jay realize that there is more to each other than the parental expectations of marriage. Liya fights a past that has kept her from falling into relationships and Jay doesn’t believe he deserves happiness after taking away that happiness from his own father.

The attraction is undeniable. Jay falls hard for Liya but will his love be enough to break her out of her no serious relationships rule.

This enemy to lover’s contemporary romance has all the elements of a classic Austen novel. A society based on propriety, family expectations and of course a love that is unexpected and all-consuming.

The sensitivity Patel writes Jay is what contemporary romance needs after decades of alpha males with a heart of gold. In this age of #metoo it is important for women to see that the sexiest way for a man to treat a women is with respect, permission, and love.

The sexual tension burns hot. The dialog sharp and witty. I seriously wept at the end of the book for these two characters. This book sold me through its description but it made its way into my top list of 2020 from the strong writing. We need more books like Patel in contemporary romance. She took what could have been a stereotypical Indian traditional marriage book and turned it into a book that all women can relate to.

I still get a fluttery stomach even after I finished the book. I am so glad I found this book while browsing my local library and don’t be surprised if this book comes up again and again in my blog posts this year.

A must read!

I was not paid to review this book. All opinions are mine. I am an Amazon Affiliate, if you click on the link and make a purchase from Amazon, I receive a percentage of the sale.


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