My Warm Fuzzy List

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The weather where I am is cold. Cold cold cold cold cold. A miserable March cold. Snow and rain and gray skies cold. A, not helping my SAD cold.

I need sun, I need heat on my skin, I need fresh air that doesn’t freeze my nose hairs. I need to be able to leave my house.

However, 2020 being the dumpster fire it is, I have to get my warm, summery fuzzy feelings in other ways. If you too, want to remember that life can be rainbows, unicorns, and confetti cupcakes, try these shows:

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  • Never Have I Ever on Netflix The story isn’t new. Friends make a boyfriend pack in order to increase their popularity. The reasons they make the pact are anything but ordinary and with a diverse cast it makes this teen romance trope anything but cliche. The writing is fierce, the plot ridiculous, YET, believable all at the same time. The strength of the show is the portrayal of a family of Indian women, grieving the loss of father, husband, cousin and working towards a new normal. The battle between tradition and fitting in. And the love story, seriously, all the warm fuzzies.
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  • Making the Cut Never have I needed Tim Gunn more. I wish he was my writing guru, who could come in and tell me my script is crap and this is a make it work moment. I need his hugs, his tears, his clapping. What I didn’t know I needed was the friendship of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. Whether they are fencing or getting caricatures drawn, or answering trivia about each other, their friendship makes me feel like life is normal.
  • Outlander Yes, I know this is 2020 and the rest of the world is already caught up in the Outlander land. I am not. I have to dole out episodes like a stash of dark chocolate. If I’m not careful I’ll binge on the whole dang series and then where will I be? Also, I can’t take that much sexiness all in one go. I need to stretch out my Sam Heughan viewing or I will be a melted pile of goo. The accent, the body, the incredible NICENESS. This man, I get is fiction, but he is perfect. If you don’t hear from me for days, I’ve probably fallen down the Outlander-Jaimie-with-his-shirt-off-hole

What keeps your spirits lifted when skies are gray, the walls of your house are closing in, and your kid’s voices are louder than ever….


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