Top 5 Books to Get You Through a Pandemic

Life has taken a weird turn, hasn’t it? I had expected to be celebrating my 1 year work-a-versary, instead I am at home like tens of millions of other Americans.

So what is any librarian worth her MLIS degree to do? Read, of course.

Libraries are closed down, so that means I am turning to ebooks and the TBR pile toppling on my bookshelves. I am not reading anything heavy because reading is supposed to be an escape after all and we have enough real life, in well, real life.

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Top 5 picks to get you through a pandemic

FEELS LIKE FALLING by Kristy Woodson Harvey Published April 28, 2020 I received an ebook galley for a fair review.

This book has everything I want in my women’s fiction. A romantic storyline that isn’t the full thrust of the story. You get that in this book. Gray is left reeling after her husband turns her into a cliche. This strong independent woman has to figure out what her life looks like without the husband and possibly business she has built from the ground up. Diana can’t catch a break. In work, in life and love. These two women who have nothing in common end up helping each other through the summer.

DEAR EMMIE BLUE by Lia Louis published July 14, 2020 I received an ebook galley for a fair review.

Full disclosure. I haven’t finished this book yet. Not because I don’t want to but because I DON’T WANT IT TO END. The pacing is impeccable and she has crafted a complicated character in Emmie. You find yourself cheering for her, yelling at her, and heart breaking for her all in one page. Even though I haven’t got to the end, this book is a must read. The only thing I hate is that it won’t be released until July.

AWK-WEIRD (Ice Knights book #2) by Avery Flynn Published October 14, 2019

Hockey. Spicy Romance. Quirky characters. This book has everything I needed in a book while stuck at home. Each book has interrelated characters but you do not need to read these books in order. I love the fact that the main character is a trivia nerd and her nervous tic is blurting out non-sequiter trivia facts. At times her brokenness is a little heavy handed, this wedding meet-cute while have you awwwing all the way to the Happily Ever After.

WILDLAND by Rebecca Hodge Published February 11, 2020. I received an ebook galley for a fair review.

Okay, this book isn’t a feel good, light-hearted romp BUT Hodge writes deep characters, serious suspense, and a setting that makes you feel like you are there. The book is fast-paced and page-turning. I typically don’t go for nail-biter stories like this but Hodge creates a story about a woman who is faced with a tough decision in her own life and oh, yeah, she has to get herself, 2 dogs, and 2 kids safely out of a forest fire.

THE BROMANCE BOOK CLUB by Lyssa Kay Adams Published November 5, 2019

This book may already be on your radar because it was talked about ALOT this fall. I love my rom-coms and I love them even more when it is about a married couple. Adams writes a realistic story of marriage. The good, the bad and the really really ugly. This book is on the spicy side of romance and the author is careful to make sure that the characters have enough depth to carry the story all the way through to the end.

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of time on my hands right now. So get to your local library ebooks or online and support these authors while escaping the hard world for a while.

What are your top picks for stressful times?


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