Audiobooks aren’t cheating

There is no way I will ever have enough time in my life to conquer my TBR pile. Between what I read for work, what I read for fun, what I read for NetGalley, I am perpetually a decade behind and only falling behind further.

Why are there so many good books out there?

Lately, I have relied on audiobooks to give me a little extra time for books. Walking the dog, doing dishes, driving, getting ready in the morning, I can add in more reading time via my favorite new app from the library HOOPLA.

HOOPLA is a streaming service for libraries that allow patrons to check out ebooks, movies, audiobooks and music. The library only pays for what a patron checks out, and even better? There is absolutely no wait. And no late fees and no holds needed. Just click borrow and be on your merry way.

I don’t know why more people don’t use this service.

I mainly use HOOPLA for audiobooks because I still prefer to read a book I can dog ear the page. (Hey, don’t throw any hate, I’m a librarian, it’s okay, books are for use) Right now I am listening to The View from Penthouse B by Elinor Lipman. How have I not ever read this book? Or any book by her? Not only is the narrator FANTASTIC, the book is hilarious even though it deals with hard topics like grief, betrayal and more. So get on HOOPLA and borrow a copy today! No wait needed.

(I am an Amazon affiliate. If you click on a link it will take you to Amazon, where if you make a purchase I receive a percentage of the sale. I was not paid for my reviews of any of the books are the services mentioned. All opinions are mine)

My next must listen pick is City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. This one I had to buy from Audible, because my copy was due at the library and it wasn’t available on HOOPLA. Gilbert is a fav writer of mine and this book does not disappoint. The main character relates her life to a woman sharing how she knew her father. Listening, I felt like I was hearing a story from a fabulous octogenarian over a cup of tea to choke down my envy. Another great narrator, and although this book is a long one, I guarantee you will be finding ways to get in some listening time.

Audiobooks aren’t cheating

Audiobooks aren’t cheating

Audiobooks aren’t cheating

Last pick is Burnout the secret to unlocking the stress cycle by twin sisters Emily and Amelia Nagoski. I read a review in a library journal about the book and couldn’t wait to get a copy. The first available was on audiobook through Overdrive’s Libby App (regular old school e media borrowing) I couldn’t get enough of this book. Hilarious, insightful, practical, it ticked all my boxes for a great non-fiction read. As soon as I was finished I went over to Amazon and snagged a copy of the hardcover book. (So to Macmillan who thinks libraries hurt the publishing trade, uh, we don’t. We encourage people to purchase books they otherwise wouldn’t have taken a chance on)

A lot of people believe that audiobooks are cheating. There are some studies that suggest audiobooks do not hold the same power as reading the book, but in my experience that simply isn’t true. Hearing a story is sometimes more impactful because its like having a personal reader follow you around. Even better, it helps be put a little dent in my infinite TBR list.

So don’t buy into the lie that audiobooks aren’t real reading.

This librarian says it’s all the same.

What are your favorite audiobooks and/or audiobook narrators?


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  1. I loved The Alice Network–the narrator and story was fantastic. I have really enjoyed Joshilyn Jackson–she narrates her own books and is great. I started with The Almost Sisters and have slowly been going through her books. I’ve liked the all so far. I also loved Be Frank with Me–great narrator that bought Frank to life for me, more so than if I read it myself.


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