It is a beautiful Saturday and although I need to write, I can’t help but take time out of the day to sit on my porch with a cup of coffee and a book.

I started four different books this week and the one I am paying most attention to is This Must Be the Place by Maggie O’Farrell.

Anne Bogel of the podcast, What Should I Read Next and the blog, The Modern Mrs. Darcy, has recommended Maggie O’Farrell to many guests on her podcast. While I was at the library the other week I picked it up and one night this week before I fell asleep I was too lazy to walk downstairs to get my book, so I picked this novel off my nightstand. It quickly became the book I carried around with me. The characters are complicated, quirky and a little careless with their lives which makes for a great weekend read. I know her name is going in my reading journal and I now have yet another author’s backlist to read!

If you are looking for a weekend try:

(I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means if you click on an image, it takes you to Amazon, where if you make a purchase I receive a portion of the sale. I am not paid to review or suggest any titles. All opinions are my own)

I also reviewed Anne Bogel’s book I’d Rather be Reading earlier this week on the blog. It is a great essay collection perfect for lazing in a hammock.

The book I will get back to as soon as I finish, This Must Be the Place is Vox. A little Margaret Atwood and a little bit of a thriller. It is a fast-paced relevant read. The author is a linguist which matches the career of the protagonist and it will make me think about how I use my words in a whole new way.

If you want a more philosophical spiritual book, I have read a chapter each morning this week from Madeleine L’Engle’s book A Stone for a Pillow: journeys with Jacob.

I also have rediscovered Anne Tyler and am making my way through her backlist. I am enjoying her novels more, perhaps due to the stage of life I am in. She has a way of writing about family life and relationships that is vulnerable and authentic.

As you can see, I have an ambitious reading weekend and week(s) ahead of me. What is on your nightstand this weekend? Do you read one book at a time? Or do you read whatever is at hand?



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