November was a busy reading month for me. I diversified into audiobooks because I couldn’t keep up with all the books I wanted to read. The books were incredibly diverse, but I did have a run at the beginning of the month where three of the books dealt with motherhood.

  • My favorite book of the month was Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. I recommend listening to the audio. Nick Offerman and a great cast of actors perform the book and I kept finding reasons to drive, walk, or just sit and listen.
  • My favorite place to read was the renovated window seat in my kitchen.
  • My favorite candle was Beach Bonfire.
  • My favorite drink was peppermint hot chocolate.
  • I also hit 79 books in my Goodreads Reading Challenge.

I am looking for any book or movie that makes me forget about the dark days outside. Also, I am looking to try my hand at writing a Hallmark Channel Book. This book is outside my normal reading, but it was pleasant, fun and comforting!

A good quirky book about unlikely friendships and what home means.

The only psychological thriller I read this month. It wasn’t sure about how the authors decided to split up the pacing of the book, but definitely had twists I wasn’t prepared for.

YA books are a favorite of mine. They are usually quick reads but leave a lot of room for contemplation.

Boy did this book make me think! What it means to be a mother and how far motherhood has come. It is a sad book, with an uplifting ending.

A classic I’ve never read! I am going to try and read as much Agatha Christie as I can to make up for this lack of reading.

There aren’t too many books I would recommend you listen to instead of read, but you MUST LISTEN TO THIS BOOK. Nick Offerman, David Sedaris and oh so many other people.

The best book I read this year. Well told, beautiful narrative and she captured me from the first page.

Loved this book, not just because she is a hometown author! Loved seeing my city portrayed in fictional pages and really enjoyed hearing Celeste Ng’s talk hosted by our local library.

What did you read this month? Tell us your favorite book in the comments.




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