This is my current library haul and I have more to pick up. Remember when I wrote in this post about feast or famine? I am definitely in a feast time. It’s a good thing Thanksgiving is next week. A slower schedule will give me time more time to read and it’s hard to do my own writing when the kids are running around the house begging for screen time.

My problem is I want to read the books in the order I checked them out from the library. Seriously, this is a dilemma I struggle with. I tell myself it is because of due dates, but most books can be renewed. There is no actual reason to read them in the order I borrow them.

It is just one of those weird librarian compulsions I have.

Like how I want to weed our personal home library collection every year and get rid of books no one has picked up for a while. Or how I want to group them by genre and alphabetize them. Or how I refuse to start a new book until I have finished the book I am reading.

Are these only librarian problems? Does anyone else have weird reading habits?

Yesterday morning I stared at my library haul and debated what to read next. I had just finished Lilli De Jong. Technically I got most of the books on the same day so I had lots of choice (I don’t get so particular that I have to read them in the order I placed the holds– that would be ridiculous 😉 ) So when I don’t go by order of checkout, I go by how I want to feel. And I wanted something that was going to be a quicker read, make me laugh a little and think a little.

I made a choice!

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella it is. This book is a YA but I love it. Has the same biting humor from her adult books and the family dynamics have me laughing out loud. I found myself reading passages to my daughter who now wants me to finish so she can pick it up. It has been the perfect read for a lot of reasons, but it also deals with anxiety which I have had an unfortunate tangle with this past year.

It is a quick read, so I know by tomorrow morning I am going to stare at the pile of books and try to pick out what to read next. And they are all so different. A women’s fiction book by Sonali Dev, some hard core sci-fi by N.K. Jemisin, psychological thriller by Liv Constantine, non-fiction writer book about the ghostwriter for Nancy Drew.

I might need to turn to social media to help me pick…. What do you think I should read next?


(I am an Amazon Affiliate. I am not paid to review or suggest books but if you click on a picture it takes you to amazon where if you make a purchase I receive a portion of the sale.)

What are your odd reading habits? Share your true confessions in the comments.

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