I read a lot of books each year so I buy very few. Otherwise my kids wouldn’t have clothes, food, shelter, you know, the necessities. The public library is my go to for books which means it is feast or famine with the hold queue. I will get nothing for weeks and then as soon as I go to the library to find books to read all the books on my queue arrive and I am reading as fast as I can before I have to send any back!

The book I take everywhere with me right now is, Lilli De Jong by Janet Benton. I don’t want to put the book down! It is the story of a woman who finds herself disgraced after her fiance leaves town. Against the advice of everyone, she fights to keep her daughter and make a life form them both, no easy fete for a Quaker in the late 1880’s. The book is structured in a series of diary entries, which make it a quick read. It’s a hefty book at 352 pages, but I promise you it doesn’t feel long. I am about 2/3rds of the way through and it is due tomorrow…. I bet I will find time in my day to finish.

It is hard to read when I am writing. I am editing a light women’s fiction book I had queried for two years. Although I got interest in it from agents, there was no offer of representation. I love the story and am revamping it before I send it out for another round of querying.

Of course that means killing some darlings at least 62 pages of it! Hard to do, but that is another post 🙂

What are you reading today? Post in the comments.

(I am an Amazon Affiliate. I am not paid to review or suggest books. Opinions are all my own. But if you click on the picture it will take you to Amazon where if you make a purchase I receive a portion of the sale.)


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