My Writing Tribe

When I decided to take writing seriously, I entered my first novel in a contest for women’s fiction. Although my story, which will never ever ever see the light of day, didn’t win :), the entry gained me access to a world that has changed my writing life.

From that group, I have gained a fabulous critique partner who cheers me on, gives me the feedback I need to hear, and doesn’t groan when I ditch a book and start on a new one. I attended the past two retreats the WFWA hosted and through those experiences I studied: deep revisions from Margie Lawson; how to craft a story through Lisa Cron and the Story Genius process.

Last year I volunteered to co-lead our association’s version of the Nanowrimo. Instead of setting page goals, we each choose a goal either editing, writing or even outlining and we cheer each other on throughout the month.

(I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means if you click on the pictures it takes you to Amazon where if you make a purchase I receive a portion of the sale.)


There is a critique facebook page for when you need an extra set of eyes on a chapter, manuscript or query letters. We applaud and congrat each other on when someone gets representation and we console one another when the rejection emails flood the inbox.

This isn’t just my writing tribe, they are the women and men who keep me going.

If you are interested in checking out the books published by WFWA writers you will find a great list on Pinterest separated by genre.

In addition there is an online book launch party next week, on Tuesday, November 14th where you can chat with the authors and other readers.

I have found so many great books and new authors to follow from my tribe and I hope you do too.

I can’t say enough good things about the Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association and if you are looking for fresh new voices to break you out of your reading rut, you won’t want to miss the Pinterest Board or the Launch Party.

If you are a writer of women’s fiction I invite you to peruse their website and consider joining this great group of women and men!



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